Friday, April 22, 2011

Doesn't know her spuds

A while back, we went out for breakfast in a little café in Longford town. My OH is the type of person who gets really, really grumpy when he's hungry, so after a bit of shopping and bill-paying (ugh), he had to go and get something to eat. We went into this little place that I'd not been to in years, and ordered two small breakfasts. The girl asked the usual, "do you want beans?" (NO), "puddings?" (only white, nothing on this earth will make me eat a black pudding) and "do you want a hash brown?" (YES).

Eh, love, that ain't a hash brown. It's a wedge.


  1. LOL!!! Yeah I know a wedge when I see it too.... But, what is a breakfast pudding?

  2. Ooh you don't know what you're missing! A pudding is like an enormous sausage, cut into bitesized rounds. White puddings are made from sausage meat, spices and barley, and they're usually fried. Black puddings, on the other hand, contain sausage meat, barley, spices, and pigs blood. The minute I found that out, I stopped eating them, ROTTEN!!

  3. LOL! Yeah the blood would turn me right off too! Considering that so many Irish folk came to Australia, you would think that some of your foods would have also....


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