Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Celtic Moon Sign Kit - Accurate?

I'm interested in lots of different things - I grew up with a Mum who always had some sort of Tarot deck or crystal collection around. I found this the other day - I only vaguely remember buying it, to be honest - and when I opened it up, the first page of the little notepad was half filled in - I must have started it on a no-patience day. Here it is, The Celtic Moon Sign Kit by Helena Patterson:

Described as having "everything you need to cast a lunar horoscope", this is a nice little boxed kit that contains a lunar zodiac wheel, instruction book, book of horoscope readings, notebad and a chinagraph pencil. The pencil is probably the most annoying thing for those of us who are slightly OCD about messy handwriting, but it does the job - you have to write different planetary positions on the wheel, so it rubs off in order for you to re-use the wheel. The little notepad contains enough pages for you to do over 100 individual readings. This is what you get in the kit:

So, is it accurate? Well, here's the reading I did for myself. All you need to do a reading is someone's date of birth, and after that the instructions are clear, with many reference tables, charts and paragraphs. The personality aspects are calculated based on the positions of the different planets on the day of your birth. Just as an example of what you can expect to learn, here's my reading and the interpretations:

  • Tree Sign: Oak
  • Lunar Symbol: White Mare
  • Lunar Position: Libra
  • Planetary Ruler: Jupiter
Celtic Moon Sign: Oak - Born at the time of year when the radiance of summer light reaches its apex. (I was born on Midsummers Day). Your notable characteristics are therefore associated with an elightened mind. You are inclined to speak the truth no matter what the circumstances. Your inherited traits of character come from your father's side, but your mother was most probably the strongest parental influence during your youth. It can be as a result of a divorce or your father pursuing a career which took him away for long periods. With regard to personal relationships, you are an ideal parent or partner, but sometimes set high standards for others. In a marriage or at home, if you feel undermined, your motivation will be drained. You are more vulnerable than other signs in affairs of the heart. You will open doors with uncanny timing, but there is a price to pay - it can create complacency and self-indulgence. There is a strong association with the arts.

Basic Paragraph: Friendly, easy-going on the surface, but can be calculating. You have a strong ego but self-reliance needs to be learned. Charming, but fluctuating emotions and physical energy. In relationships, you strive to fint harmony to such extent that you create a false illusion of happiness. You can be stubborn in admitting that any problems are your fault. Your hidden agenda is to balance your own expectations with those of others. You are often called in as a referee.

  • Energy and vitality. Somewhat aggressive nature that can be channelled into competitive arenas. A sign of strength and good health.
  • A powerful need for personal independence. Creative intelligence & progressive thinking. Can be restless, and resentful if restricted.
  • Can cause obsessional problems, it can provide an approach to goals through planning and patience. People with this aspect are likely to experience external pressures that are repressive to growth or liberty.
  • A positive use of occult traits - psychic awareness positively directing healing towards yourself and others.
  • Strong leadership & a desire to live life to the full. A positive use of energy and the ability to make fresh starts with great determination.
  • Success is likely through hard work and patience. Great emphasis on a well-organized life. An enduring quality of traditon and worldly success, linked with old ancestral roots in the Celtic lunar zodiac.
  • A disproportionate amount of psychological confusion that can weaken the character - this is Neptune in 'chaos' mode. Attraction to strange cults or religions can prove disastrous. Vulnerable to drugs and alcohol, and gullible when choosing friends.
  • Great sensitivity. Leadership potential, tendency towards escapism through drugs or alcohol. Sensitivity or allergy to medicines is indicated. Drawn towards interesting voyages of discovery.
  • Passionately hard worker, can take setbacks or adversity in one's stride.
  • Artistic and literary ability. You must guard against indiscretions or exaggerating. Tendency to be absent-minded.
  • A tendency towards eccentricity and a lack of tact. Great talent, but undermined by cranky behaviour. There can be a tendency to waste energy because of inner nervous tension.
If you're still with me, I salute you. All in all, I found it EXTREMELY accurate. I've read through most of the other paragraphs in the reference book, and they're all completely different - the ones I got really do describe me down to a tee. Give me a shout if you want me to do one for you -, all you need is your date of birth. Go on, see if your reading is accurate!

Whether you believe in horoscopes or not - it's a bit of fun having a go anyway.

S xx


  1. Holy crap! I have this on my bookself.... I'll have to dust it off and give myself a reading :o)

  2. Strange!! Have you done a reading yet? Mine was really bang on, as were the ones I did for family and friends - it's actually helped me to understand a couple of friends better.


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