Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monster Spray

I won this on a Facebook competition


I wasn't afraid of monsters when I was a child. The word "monster" probably wasn't even in my vocabulary. I was much more concerned about an imaginary rat or hand grabbing my ankle if I let my foot dangle over the edge of my cast-iron bed at night. I don't think I ever gave much thought to what may be attached to the hand, but I would have loved this.

This is a 250ml bottle of anti-monster spray. Or, lavender-scented water. It promises to put children at ease if they have a fear of "monsters, ghosts and spiders". This worked amazingly well with my son when he was 4 - some people have argued that by pretending to use monster repellant, you're actively confirming the existence of monsters. Not so - this is a product specifically brilliant for children between the ages of 2 and 4, where their imaginations should be encouraged, not stifled. No way was I going to tell my son that monsters simply didn't exist - I told him that there was no way that any monsters could come into the house, and that if he was still worried, that we'd use this spray to keep them out. It worked like a charm - I only had to use it a few times over the space of a few months. He's 6 now and when he saw this today, he said "anti-monster spray? That's stupid, there's no such thing as monsters." So, rest assured, using this will not turn your child into a paranoid nut who worries about what's lurking in the shadows. I think it's a fantastic little product and one that should be encouraged - anything that helps a young child get a good nights sleep in their own room in the dark is fantastic in my book.

There are many variations of this - and you can easily make your own by washing out a spray bottle, filling with water, and adding a couple of drops of lavender/eucalyptus oil. A few squirts in the corner will get rid of any "nasties" and also leave the room smelling fragrant, without chemicals. This one also sports a glow-in-the-dark label, so it can be seen easily in the dark by a child. Yet another little tool to help parents without having to leave the lights on at night.

You can buy it on Amazon or make your own.

Sharon x

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