Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Twin Essentials: Tiny Love Gymini Total Playground

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I know there will be loads of people who have zero interest in anything vaguely baby-related - so avoid this blog of a Wednesday if you are one of those. It's inevitable that I'm going to post about baby things from time to time, given that every waking minute of every day is currently devoted to looking after the little fellas! I've decided that I'm only going to post baby things on a Wednesday, so please do check in if that's something that you'd like to read about.

I know when I found out I was expecting twins (at 27 weeks, talk about a shock) that I hadn't a clue what to buy. We kinda started with two car seats and worked our way up from there. By the time the boys were about 6-8 weeks old, they were either on the floor on a blanket, in their baskets, or in rocker chairs. Which was grand - until they started to focus on toys and look for a little more stimulation. I already had an activity gym but it wasn't big enough for two babies, and it took up a lot of space. Enter google, and enter the Tiny Love Gymini Total Playground. Or, the best €65 odd quid I've spent in a long time.

Suitable for birth and big enough for two (or possibly three), the playmat features detachable activity bars that snap into place. The sides also snap together to create a boundary, or you can leave them flat and gain 50% more playmat space. There's a mirror and a battery-operated musical toy with a pad for tummy time or for kicking. There are lots of detachable toys hung from the bars, and plenty of room to add more or to move them around. My boys seem to love the lion, for some strange reason! There's a squeaker in the sheep on the mat, and some crinkly flaps (bet you never thought I'd use that phrase on this blog). The duck makes a noise when batted as well.

I bought this for just under £58 on amazon here, with free super saver delivery. It arrived via An Post within 4 days. It also comes with a plastic carry bag so you can fold it up and bring it with you if you're going to another house. I find it absolutely invaluable and we would genuinely be lost without it. It's even big enough for the boys when one is asleep and one still wants to play - there's loads of room to move one over and let him snooze away while the other lad has a great time kicking and grabbing.

Seriously, if you know anyone having twins, this would make such a fantastic present - I know it's expensive, but honest to god even if you clubbed together with someone else and got it, the parents would be forever in your debt. The boys are 15 weeks now and they spend ages cooing and gurgling away at the toys or at themselves in the mirror.

In my humble opinion, this is definitely an essential. It's safe, washable, roomy, stimulating, and everything can be taken off, moved around, or changed.

I'd have gone crazy weeks ago without it.


  1. How in gods name are they 15 weeks already!!! In my head they are 2 weeks (tops). When I used to babysit I always had one of these in the house. It's great for getting them moving and you get such relief knowing they are safe and sound. Plus it's so cute looking x

    1. I have no idea Róisín, I really don't. Time is going so fast it's scary, they're teething already! I'll have to take some videos of them because that's one thing I miss from Shane, I can't remember him when he was tiny. These playmats are invaluable, they're both happy out on it now! x

  2. Ah no way!!!! My mom got Hannah (who is now 8.5yrs) one when she was born and we LOVED it for her. This was in South Africa and I remember my mom paid about R200 which was about €20. Then it came with us to Ireland, went through my son (now age 6) and then it went back to South Africa and went through my niece (now 4) and right now its servicing my brothers twin girls who are almost 1.

    We bought extra toys to change them out every 2 or so weeks so the kids wouldn't get bored. And dont be afraid of chucking it in the washing machine (on a low temp wash) and drying it over the radiator. Just take the electronic board off first! And most of the toys do well in the wash too!

    Congrats Sharon.... those boys (all three of them) are bleeding Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Cindy :) I definitely will wash it, it's the best thing I've bought for them, hands down! Even today one was asleep on it for ages while the other one spent a good half hour admiring himself in the mirror! Lovely to have something to pass on like that, hopefully this will be used for some relatives in the future too x

  3. My ovaries just took control of my body... THE CUTENESS

    1. It's scary because they've even grown so much since that pic! I'm completely spamming them but meh... ;-)

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    1. They're so fun, you will love the whole baby experience so much, very excited for you xxx


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