Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY Bookmarks.


I love reading, and I love technology, but I have no desire to merge the two. I can't think of anything worse than one little electronic device replacing the traditional bookshelf, so I have not made the leap into e-reading. Hence, I own a hell of a lot of books. Whenever I'm in need of a bookmark, I always seem to end up tearing the corner off an envelope or using an old Tesco receipt - so I decided to make a few.

First, I love ribbon bookmarks, so I decided to make my own from scraps I had in my craft box. I save bits of ribbon from pyjamas, gifts, boxes - anything with a ribbon on it. I also save up broken jewellery in case it comes in handy for adding to cards or cross-stitch pictures. To create a ribbon bookmark, all you need is some ribbon, some embellishments, and a needle & thread.

To make a bookmark, fold a length of ribbon in half. Stitch the two bottom ends together about two inches from the end, then add your embellishments. To finish, fold the ends to the back & secure with stitches. Or, you can use superglue to secure it.

I also made a red one - this time, I added the embellishments to the middle of the ribbon, then tied the two ends together at the top:

They look really pretty when they're stacked, and they don't leave marks on pages either.

The last one is a "proper" ribbon bookmark that I've had for a while, I got it on eBay.

I also did some cross stitch bookmarks from patterns found on www.dorkstitch.com - Zelda & Mario:

I backed them with double-sided sticky tape, folded the sides in, then mounted them on card. They were much more time-consuming than the ribbon ones and are a little thicker - so I wouldn't recommend leaving them in a book for any colossal period of time.

Back to nails tomorrow!


  1. Never in my life would I have thought this up! Love the Mario one - my nephews would go nuts for it.

  2. These are lovely, so cute. And I'm in LOVE with that Mario one!! AMAZING!

  3. Thsi is such a lovely idea! I want the Mario one!

  4. So cute, I love them. Would be nice idea to stick in with a birthday card for someone you aren't buying a gift for. Practical and personalised :-)

    BookishTrish from Between the Lines

  5. Absolutely beautiful idea, so creative and eye catching! Love it!


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